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Our Team

Nomic Agency employs skilled personnel who are committed to provide excellent services and incorporates professional individuals with experience in Building & Civil Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines. The staff has expanded over time to meet the demand of works presented. Below is a summary of key Supervisory personnel employed by the firm

In addition, the company has the capacity also to source and hire any additional manpower that may be required to accomplish any assigned task at any notice. 

All Machinery & Equipment

Nomic Agency has a range of vehicles and machinery available to our disposal. When not in use of contracts, the equipment’s are available for hire below is a summary of the machinery.

NOMIC AGENCY has also the capacity to source and hire any kind of Machinery that may be required for any project when necessary.

Tipper Lorry

Canter Lorry

Black pole Machine

Concrete Mixer

Compact Rollers


Nomic Premises

NOMIC has an administrative offices situated in Nairobi and Nakuru town while stores and machinery are located in industrial area, Nairobi. The administrative and Machinery hold area has been growing considerably over time due the expansion of its involvement in many and bigger projects.

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